Star Wars: Get Ready For New Expanded Universe Tales of Han Solo

Well, new to you anyway.


Apparently back in 1992, there were 4 Han Solo books written by Dale Avery and Ed Fisher. The problem?


The books are in Hungarian, and were published only in Hungary. Dennis Pellegrom of gives us some quick background:



But Dennis also gives us this statement from one of the authors, which was made in 2013:



So while they may not have been licensed initially, an agreement was eventually negotiated with “Lucas Arts.” To my mind, that agreement means that these books could be considered Expanded Universe material.


Happily, Open-Airlock Policy tells us that an English translation of these books is on the way.



Insidious Palpatations tells us:



I’m certainly far more excited for these books than I am for the High Republic nonsense. I suspect many others will be too, which makes me wonder if Lucasfilm will attempt to put the kibosh on this effort, as they have on other fan efforts in the past.


I’m also wondering how many other untranslated Expanded Universe books might be out there somewhere, waiting for a translation.


Other unreleased Expanded Universe material such as Kenneth C. Flint’s Heart of the Jedi have been released online. One also wonders if there are other unreleased domestic Expanded Universe titles that the authors could be convinced to release to the internet.




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