Del Ray’s Star Wars: From a Racist Point of View

In a perfect world bigotry would not be acceptable against anyone at all. But Lucasfilm’s new Star Wars anthology book, From A Certain Point Of View: The Empire Strikes Back, has proven to be a hot bed of hate and bigotry against the fringe left’s current political scapegoat; the straight white male. And this highly fashionable form of bigotry appears to be quite acceptable among Lucasfilm colleagues. If you doubt me, feel free to read some of the public statements made by the authors on Twitter.


*High Republic authors


Sarwat Chadda

S.A. Chakraborty

Mike Chen

Adam Christopher

Zoraida Cordova

Delilah S. Dawson

Tracy Deonn

Alexander Freed

Hank Green

Rob Hart

Lydia Kang

R. F. Kuang

C. B. Lee

Michael Moreci

Daniel Jose Older*

Mark Oshiro

Amy Ratcliffe

Beth Revis

Lilliam Rivera

Emily Skrutskie

Karen Strong

Catherynne M. Calente

Austin Walker

Martha Wells

Django Wexler

Gary Whitta

Brittany N. Williams

Charles Yu

Jim Zub (response)

Except for straight white male dudes.



But it gets worse.


According to Wookieepedia:


The book’s proceeds are being donated to First Book, a nonprofit organization that provides books and other educational material to teachers and children’s organizations. Penguin Random House has also donated $100,000 to First Book, and Lucasfilm donated 100,000 children’s books, valued at $1 million, as well.


So who is First Book? Let’s take a look. At first glance, it seems so harmless and heartwarming. Who could have anything against books for children? The children!



Equity, not equality. Generally speaking, equality tends to refer to “equal opportunity” whereas “equity” tends to refer to the Leninist concept of “equality of outcome.” At least among the SJW ignorati.


And that’s where we start to get into trouble.


Here’s a statement from their website:


First Book staff and members share a passion for changing the lives of children living in poverty, many of whom are African-American and live in predominantly African-American communities. The murder of George Floyd is the latest of the many acts of violence and indignity against Black Americans. Our nation now roils with unrest over the centuries of abuse, injustice, and inequity against people of color that has led to this critical moment. What affects communities of color, affects us all. Black lives matter.

As a community of more than 475,000 educators serving kids in need nationwide, we stand together with our Black members and will continue to call out racism as a reality that affects the lives and futures of children of color. Building an equitable and inclusive learning environment is more crucial now than ever, and we stand with you to build that environment brick by brick, book by book.

To support you as you support the children you serve, we will continue to make more books available that specifically reflect the authentic experiences of people of color. To help guide difficult conversations ahead, our Trauma Toolkit and Unconscious Bias: An Educator’s Self-Assessment are available to download for free and can be used immediately. We want to hear from you if there are other resources that you would find helpful as you work with kids that look to you for guidance and support.


So we now know that this is a political organization, that supports the violent Marxist organization Black Lives Matter. It was also given some sort of award from the Clinton Global Initiative.



So if you’re purchasing this book, you’re funding these politics whether you agree with them or not. And none of this should be all that surprising. Author Amy Ratcliffe who is also featured in this book, has already promoted the Minnesota Freedom Fund, which helped pay bail for rioters in Minneapolis so they could return to the city to burn and loot and destroy some more.


But what kind of books are they giving kids? That must be a good thing, right? Well head on over to their marketplace and find out. Because according to their website, they’re filling kid’s heads with worthless “social justice” propaganda.



You’re never too young to be politically indoctrinated into divisive race obsession by fringe leftist freaks.


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But wait, there’s more.


Del Rey Potentially Violates Federal Law


Tom is the Del Rey editor and intern supervisor who had the gall to bemoan legitimate criticism of their racist authors, while refusing to call out Reylos who engaged in the actual harassment of Rae Carson, and EK Johnston. Tom caterwauled, that this was all having a negative “impact on finding new authors willing to write for Star Wars.”


Well, maybe Tom is unwittingly having a negative impact on himself, given that he now may be excluding Asians, Indians, Native Americans, Arabs, Hispanics, and of course, white people, from the hiring practices at their inclusive paradise.



What are the chances that Tom’s offer for “info” leads to the hiring of a politically preferred class at Del Rey via DM? If that happens, Del Rey could be in some hot water.


Tom may or may not be aware, but there are Federal anti-discrimination laws that prohibit this. The following is an example of a poster that is commonly found in workplaces across America:



Here’s what it says on race and color:



Now, I understand that Tom’s post was made during the heated hysteria of the Black Lives Matter riots of 2020, but preferential treatment of any race and/or color is also discrimination. Imagine someone posting the exact same public hiring notice that Tom did, but switch out the word “black” with “white” or any other color. What do you suppose the reaction would be then?


A hidden reply to Tom’s post gives a proper response:



But leave it to an uneducated SJW to argue in favor of discrimination:



Ac_sexton is too dumb to understand that the Civil Rights Act of 1964 which prohibited discrimination based on race and/or color is the status quo system.


So it should be no surprise that idiot SJWs like ac sexton, want to repeal anti-discrimination measures, since they’re the morons that filibustered the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 in the first place. But obsession with the artificial divisions of race and giving preferential treatment to politically preferred classes while excluding undesirable classes is a quintessential characteristic of SJW ideology. They simply cannot help themselves.


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