Looks Like Star Wars is for ‘Wine Moms’ Now

Star Wars may have been designed for boys according to George Lucas, but that was then, and this is now.


StarWars.com is helping to discredit the “kid’s movie about space wizards with laser swords” narrative, by celebrating two adults who became fans for the very first time.


Can afford fine jewelry


Meet Lauren Lapkus and Nicole Byer from the podcast Newcomers. Associate Editor Kristin Baver started the interview with the following comments:


StarWars.com: It is such a rare treat to find people who are adults and just discovering Star Wars for the first time. That never happens!


StarWars.com: Almost everyone I talk to has been a fan forever! So it’s always really refreshing to see people who are coming into it but they’re not kids, so they have a very different perspective on it.  


How very refreshing indeed when politically preferred adults aren’t admonished for liking a “kid’s move about space wizards with laser swords.”


But why is this so refreshing to Kristen Baver?


Readers of this blog may recall Kristen Baver as the Associate Editor who proudly displayed her Women’s Day medal on Twitter:



Lucasfilm’s award for possessing a vagina.


There’s no word if men claiming to have a vagina received this award. And no award for International Men’s Day appeared on Twitter that I’m aware of.


But why does any of this matter?


Because while Star Wars was once designed for boys, and the boys of fathers who had grown up with the franchise, it no longer is.


Now, it’s being designed to appeal to adult women. After all, why appeal to boys who only purchase $10 action figures, when you can appeal to grown up women who piss away hundreds of dollars on fine jewelry according to StarWars.com.


Behold StarWarsFineJewelry.com


Maybe this is how Lucasfilm is making up for their Rose Tico action figures.


Now there are men’s offerings at the site.



But would men buy any of this stuff? Or would well-to-do wine moms buy this crap for their husband. Well count me out. I’d rather have a cheap MPC model kit.




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