Star Wars Director Rian Johnson Still Seems Very Confused

Children think that adults believe their lies.



It’s always been clear that Rian Johnson is the embodiment of one of his favorite words: “disingenuous.”




Mature adults know that in today’s Hollywood all a film maker needs to do is insert moronic communist propaganda into the dialogue in order to receive obligatory fluffing from professional critics. So this isn’t any kind of real accomplishment.


Mature adults also know, that in any franchise with multiple films, the box office of sequels are largely dependent on the installment that came before. If people liked what they see in one film, they’ll be happy to come for the next. If not, the opposite is true. This is basic common sense.


There’s no question that The Force Awakens left the fans with enough good will to return for The Last Jedi’s opening weekend which did gang busters at the box office. But immediately thereafter, the cracks began to show.


The Last Jedi saw a 77% drop off from TFA in its first Friday to Friday comparison. By the second week, TLJ was running 100 Million behind TFA. In the third week, it dropped to 3rd place, behind the 4th sequel in a low budget horror franchise. In fact as of now thanks to The Last JediStar Wars now holds the record for the biggest sequel to sequel plunge in cinema history. Overall, The Last Jedi has fell $200 Million short of analysts’ forecasts.


In turn, The Last Jedi did not leave enough good with the fans for them to return for The Rise Of Skywalker.


Forbes provides us with a handy list of the box office strides that The Rise of Skywalker has made thusfar.


Weekend 1: Rise of Skywalker earns much less than the other two Star Wars sequels with $177.4 million. Still, it becomes one of 12 films to ever earn at least $175 million on opening weekend.

Weekend 2: Rise of Skywalker dubiously joins the $100 Million Losers Club by earning just $72.4 million.

Weekend 3: Rise of Skywalker experiences an 81% decline from opening weekend—the third-worst showing ever for movies that made at least $175 million on opening weekend—with $34.5 million.

Weekend 4: After earning just $15.2 million, Rise of Skywalker ties Avengers: Endgame for the worst fourth-weekend drop ever. The only difference is that Endgame earned twice as much on opening weekend and owned the best three-day start ever, so its massive decline is much more fitting.

Weekend 5: After an $8.3 million three-day showing, Rise of Skywalker sees a 95.2% dip from opening weekend. That’s actually worse than Endgame, but slightly better than Captain America: Civil War.

Weekend 6: Rise of Skywalker finally shows a bit of improvement. Its $5.6 million weekend is only a 96.8% drop from opening weekend, which is better than Endgame, Civil War and—believe it or not—The Last Jedi.


The interim film Solo: A Star Wars Story isn’t even worth mentioning.




Rian’s unwarranted ego is stroked by the communist sycophants around him in Hollywood. This leaves him with the false impression that The Last Jedi was a great success. But reality will always be the exact opposite of whatever communists think it is.


And if Doomcock’s latest video is to be believed, then the destruction caused by The Last Jedi is having long lasting effects to the franchise that simply may not end.


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More on Rian Johnson’s lunacy


Rian Johnson Refers To Women By Their Genitalia


If you refer to women as bitches, cunts, whores, sluts, broads, dames, skirts, chicks, bimbos, etc., you’ll have the shrieking sirens of the Collective come at you with unbridled fury, spitting out something unintelligible about the patriarchy. Some women don’t even like being called female.


Unless you push moronic communist propaganda in your movie, in which case you’ll get a free pass.



In response top Ben Shapiro’s correct statement about The Last Jedi, Rian responded with the following:



For those who don’t waste time keeping up with teenage vernacular, WAPs stands for Wet Ass Pussies.


One wonders if Star Wars feminists would have taken to The Last Jedi as strongly as they did if Rian had written that phrase into his crappy screenplay.


Nevertheless, the legacy media is tripping over itself to see who can write the most masturbatory praise of Rian’s slur.



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