Star Wars Author Confuses Twitter Responses With ‘Targeted Harassment’

In the following Twitter post, Star Wars author Amy Richau laments the purported “targeting” of Bria LaVorgna. And as always with these race obsessed nitwits, everything has to do with the melanin content in their skin.


Of course it’s their melanin content and genitalia that is drawing the attention, rather than publicly broadcasting their fascist desire to silence those with whom they disagree. And God forbid if anyone responds. This is what comes from generations raised in “safe spaces” and protected with “trigger warnings.” They can’t handle any kind of negative critical feedback, and then use over-the-top hyperbole to paint themselves as victims when they do get it.




What Amy has no hope of understanding, is that Bria LaVorgna is being responded to for her public calls to have Ethan Van Sciver and myself silenced. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.




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