Star Wars Author Amy Ratcliffe Hypocritically Scolds Capitol Rioters


Militant feminism and monumental stupidity go together like peanut butter and chocolate, though not nearly as sweet. Star Wars author Amy Ratcliffe demonstrates a perfect example of this fact:






Did Ms. Ratcliffe feel the same when BLM was attacking the White House in May 2020? Probably not, given that hypocrisy is the foundation of all SJW thought.


As readers may recall, Ms. Ratcliffe was busy at that time promoting the Minnesota Freedom Fund which helped to bail out Antifa savages that spent the whole year burning down American cities.





Here’s some helpful propaganda to explain what it was all about:




But the big question here is, where was lily white Amy Ratcliffe when both the BLM and Antifa “activists” that she helped to free spent the whole year ravaging the lives of the following citizens?


Probably somewhere sipping on boxed wine.
















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