Star Wars Actor John Boyega Thinks Some Racism More Ugly Than Others

“Profanity is the effort of a feeble brain to express itself forcibly.” ― Spencer W. Kimball


Normal educated people understand that there isn’t any such thing as separate human races. That’s not an opinion. It’s a scientific fact.


The false concept of separate human races was invented and is perpetuated by tyrants, despots, and petty power-seekers who use those artificial divisions to their political advantage. They promote the idea of conflict between these groups in order to encourage fighting amongst them, so that those groups don’t turn their attention to the tyrant and fight them instead. It’s a very old “divide and conquer” strategy.


Rapper, author, and podcaster Zuby says it succinctly:







Unfortunately, that 5% is unscrupulously using the recent tragedy of George Floyd’s death to their advantage. “Activist” rioters are using the situation to raid Target stores in pursuit of 4K televisions to satisfy social justice, while they set Autozones on fire. No thought is being given to the fact that the store owners may be black, or that many of their employees may also be. Power seeking politicians are using the situation to demagogue with their characteristic hot air. And the legacy media continues to fan the flames for their own political purposes.


All this despite the fact that the four officers were fired, and that the Mayor of Minneapolis has called for the 4 police officers involved in George Floyd’s death to be charged. Certainly, these officers will be charged and should be, as anyone who has watched the video of Mr. Floyd’s death know. There’s simply no excuse for this abuse of power, no matter what the situation was.


But rather than wait for genuine justice to take its inevitable course, we have ignorant mouthpieces like John Boyega fanning the flames of savage mob justice instead. Why people who play pretend for a living feel qualified to comment on complex socio-economic and geo-political matters is anyone’s guess. But John’s limited experience in the industry of make-believe doesn’t stop him from throwing his own two cents into the chaos.




In a normal world, all forms of racism and bigotry expressed by Zuby’s 5% are equally abhorrent and intolerable. But for John Boyega, some forms of racism are apparently more equal than others.


Part of the problem is that bigotry against the “white male” is the hottest hippest form of bigotry amongst today’s coastal SJW ignorati. Lucasfilm almost seems to require expressions of this form of bigotry among its associates.


But there’s also the problem of the current state of education. Younger people are being fed the lie in schools and universities, that white people are responsible for all the evils in the world. And that the Founding of America, and indeed even the Age of Enlightenment itself, are all founded on racism. This of course is incorrect, but the students are too young and naive to understand that they’re being fed lies and worthless political propaganda from their idiot professors.


None of them are aware of white slavery, or the horrible European despots of the medieval period who oppressed white peasants. They’re not aware that Africa’s own indigenous political leadership sold their own people as slaves. They’re not aware of the movement against Irish Americans. They’re not aware that many “colored freeman” became slave owners. They’re not aware that Thomas Jefferson inherited his slaves, and was prohibited by government regulation in Virginia from freeing inherited slaves. They’re not aware that white America fought a civil war to end slavery. They’re not aware that slavery continues to exist today outside of America, including India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, China, and Uzbekistan. They’re not aware that the entire history of humanity has been one of total bondage and enslavement across colors up until the Age of Enlightenment because they’ve been fed the lie by their idiot professors that the conflict is black vs. white. When in reality, the conflict is actually between power-hungry control freaks vs. normal people, and always has been. All peoples have suffered oppression at the hands of despots globally throughout time. No one has been exempt from that.


This lack of understanding is what emboldened John Boyega to double down on his stupidity with another ignorant rant on video.



Click on the image to view the media at Daily Mail.


He goes on to say, “I’ll say it again, fuck you racist white people.” A deeply stupid comment. Because white racists aren’t any more special or different than brown or yellow or red racists. They all suck equally, and it all needs to end. All of it.


John really ought to be aware of this, given the fact that it wasn’t white racists who diminished him in the Chinese Star Wars posters, but Chinese racists instead.




The officers who murdered George Floyd, don’t represent white racism. They represent control freakism. The desire to exert control and power at the expense of others. That’s what the problem is, and that problem is multicultural.


Unfortunately, SJWs are so anxious to be social justice folk heroes and to have their visages painted on murals in university hallways, that they rarely put down their bullhorns to pause and consider the stupidity of their own words. But make no mistake, this kind of unthinking reactionary hysteria only serves to make a bad situation worse.



It turns out, George Floyd and the officer who murdered him worked together as bouncers at the same nightclub, according to breaking911. So it turns out this may be less about racism, and more about a personal dispute between the two.


More on the history of George Floyd can be read here.



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