Star Wars Actor Diego Luna Just Said Something Incredibly Stupid…


The following nonsense comes from The Daily Beast:


“We, humanity, are not willing to sacrifice the benefits that come with privilege,” says Luna, speaking from Mexico.

“This virus has taught us that we can actually do certain things in terms of climate change that according to us were impossible, unthinkable, like halting certain industries, stop traveling, thinking local,” he explains. “A tiny bug had to come and tell us, ‘Look, you really can do it. If it’s about survival, you can do it. That reflection shouldn’t just apply in relation to our impact on the environment, but we should take it to the most intimate topics.”


So in other words, we should be thankful that that COVID virus has enabled control freak tyrants to finally enable oppressive policies that the purely imaginary climate crisis wasn’t able to facilitate.



But the Collective also required Diego to express unhealthy obsession over race:


“In this historic moment we are living through, it’s our duty not to return to the same things we were doing before. The pandemic has highlighted those things that we should really be working on,” he adds.

“I’ve benefited from a racist system my whole life. Not only do we have to renounce those benefits but first we need to be conscious of them. That’s a part of reality that I had decided not to see,” Luna solemnly notes. “I don’t have answers right now, but at least I’m already asking myself the questions. And I think that’s a good first step.”


Well Diego, nothing is stopping you from stepping aside, being the change that you want to see, and allowing your politically preferred races to take your place.


“I have a Mexican-American son who was born in Los Angeles. He learned Spanish at home and English at school. I wanted to make a movie that spoke to him about the community to which he belongs, a community which I deeply respect,” he says.

“There’s a great fracture. We have allowed that ideological wall that’s built on prejudices and great fears to truly divide us,” he says. “With a lot of impotence, I see how fragmented we are, how little we help each other, it saddens me because there are many more things that unite us than the ones that divide us.”


Tell that to the imbeciles who insist on prattling on about hyphenated Americans.


“No. I mean, it could be possible, but I don’t want to waste my time. For me Pan y Circo has to be a space that doesn’t amplify toxic voices, that doesn’t promote ignorance, or selfishness,” he offers. “Ours is a table where guests are willing to connect empathically with those who think differently and give themselves the opportunity to listen and understand the other’s position, maybe not share it, but start with understanding what the other has to say.”


Yes.  A table with guests who think differently, who are then called “toxic” for thinking differently.  How empathetic.  Once again, hypocrisy is the foundation of all SJW “thought.”




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