Stan Lee’s Former Manager Charged with Elderly Abuse


It’s been several months since Stan “The Man” Lee sadly passed away, but his last official business manager, Keya Morgan, is now in trouble with the law for committing elderly abuse and fleecing money from Stan Lee’s estate:

Stan Lee is sadly gone, but the Marvel icon is far from forgotten, especially in the L.A. County District Attorney’s office.

Jackie Lacey’s crew has hit the Spider-Man and Avengers co-creator’s former business manager with elder abuse charges. Keya Morgan is facing one felony count of false imprisonment of an elder adult, three felony counts of theft, embezzlement, and forgery or fraud against an elder adult, along with an initial elder abuse misdemeanor count.

Morgan took control of Lee’s business affairs and personal life in February 2018 and allegedly isolated the Black Panther co-creator, who died on November 12 last year, from family and friends. Morgan also embezzled or misappropriated $5 million of assets, according to documents filed in Los Angeles Superior Court in 2018.

The deceased Lee had assets of more than $50 million in the last years of his life.

The five counts of elder abuse filed May 10 of this year could see Morgan behind bars for up to a decade if found guilty. An arrest warrant has been issued for the ex-memorabilia dealer.


So Morgan really was a horrible lot, and after this scandal, nobody should buy memorabilia from him ever again; hence, he’s an ex-dealer. Why, what if any memorabilia he’s got in store was stolen from Lee’s estate? I hope he’s arrested or turns himself in to authorities ASAP, because he may have been responsible for precipitating Lee’s demise by causing him depression and frustation. And I’m convinced Lee’s daughter did nothing wrong as one prior report I read alleged. In hindsight, it’s shocking how Stan the Man fell victim in the last decade or so of his life to creeps who exploited him and tried to rob him of money, all because they must’ve seen in him a vulnerable old man easy to take advantage of. And those who exploited him include quite a few of Marvel’s own modern staff too, clearly confident he’d never be critical of anything bad they did to the treasures he’d developed, with one of their worst examples being Secret Empire.


Lee was lucky he managed to get an injunction against Morgan, and then spend the last few months of his life more comfortably, in the company of daughter and other pals. If Morgan’s smart, he’ll take accountability and return any funds he stole from Lee’s savings to his estate. It’s a terrible shame how a pop culture icon got taken advantage of to such an alarming degree.





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