When Stan Lee Nearly Brought Down a Presidential Candidate

The late, great Stan Lee, whose name at birth was Stanley Lieber, was born and raised in New York City. He died at age 95 this past week. Stan Lee’s politics were pretty obvious to most, he was a supporter of the Democrats and began contributing money to the party’s candidates in 1994 when Edward Kennedy was running for the Senate. Shortly after the 2008 election, he said:


Being president these days is too big a job for someone with just one superpower. Though I do think Obama has a certain Mr. Fantastic quality.


He had history with a certain high-profile Democratic family, namely the Clintons. His close ties with the Clintons, some confusing rhetoric and business dealings, and a $100,000 check got him into some trouble with the Feds. Many people remember this video of Hillary talking to Peter Paul about the fundraising event, with Stan Lee adding his opinion since he is also in the room.

Hillary Clinton Felony Video Links Cher to Illegalities

This videotape allegedly captures Hillary violating various federal election and obstruction of justice laws It was released April 16, 2007 by government attorneys who had withheld the tape since 2001, from three federal investigations and a criminal trial that were thwarted for lack of the direct evidence of Hillary’s involvement with Paul that is captured on the tape. Paul was later convicted 

STAN: I thought myself it was because we’re offering everyone a free comic book but I guess I was wrong.

HILLARY: Oh I think that’s a big draw myself, it’s the reason I’m coming


HILLARY: Stan, what we haven’t told you, is that you’re going to be the next Secretary of Defense.

STAN: Well, I expected that.

HILLARY: Because superheroes will be a lot cheaper than the missile defense system.

STAN: Hillary, you’re wonderful.

and finally:

STAN: You’ve got the mutant vote right around the world.

HILLARY: Some people think I’m the mutant candidate, so I should have.

Stan Lee hosted a fundraising event in 2000 called the “The Hollywood Gala Salute To William Jefferson Clinton And Hillary Rodham Clinton” arranged by Peter Paul, the man behind Stan Lee Media who is not seen in the video above, but is heard. Stan lee Media was the internet venture that eventually collapsed into bankruptcy and Paul was later jailed after pleading guilty to stock manipulation.

Afterwards, Hillary Clinton’s campaign team  re-submitted their report to the FEC, stating that Stan Lee had contributed $225,000 in 2000 to her Senate campaign. However in a deposition back in 2005, (on YouTube here and here and embedded below), the co-creator of Spider-Man and Hulk states that he did not make such a financial contribution to her campaign.

Peter Paul, Stan Lee, and Senator Hillary Clinton

Spider Man Stan Lee Swears Hillary Clinton Lied to FEC #2

Lee did state that he wrote a $100,000 check after being given a $100,000 check made payable to himself by Peter Paul, but states he never had $100,000 to donate to anybody.  It looked like it was simply a proxy donation to Clinton’s Senate campaign, by Peter Paul for unknown reasons. Paul not only served time for insider trading regarding Stan Lee Media, after being extradited from Brazil, but has a history of other convictions. After his past was revealed, Hillary Clinton distanced herself from Paul.

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