Stallone May Not Appear in Creed 3 But Returns In Demolition Man 2

The year is 2032. Sylvester Stallone’s supercop and Wesley Snipes’ baddie wake up after being cryogenically frozen in the mid-’90s. That’s Demolition Man. The year is 2020. Sylvester Stallone does a Q&A video stream on Instagram where he announces a sequel to that movie, at a time closer to 2032 than the original’s 1993 was to 2020. That’s Demolition Man 2.

The actor, whose expansive career has often intersected with genre, broke the news himself while answering fan questions about the Marco Brambilla-directed favorite. A sequel to the sci-fi hit had already been planned once upon a time — starring Meryl Streep as Stallone’s character’s daughter. “I get a call from [producer Joel Silver],” Demolition Man co-writer Daniel Waters said. “‘What do you think of this? Meryl Streep is Stallone’s daughter for the sequel. What do you think?’ I’m like ‘Okay, you get Meryl on the set and I’ll come out.’” Now, however, a sequel is actually moving forward…and Streep likely isn’t in the running for the cast this time around.



On a recent Instagram live session, Stallone was asked about his future involvement with the Rocky franchise. “I never say no to [to a Rocky sequel], because I have a couple of ideas.”


Yet, Creed III is already in development, with King Richard’s Zack Baylin on board as writer. At this early stage of development, there is still a chance that the film will be altered to include Balboa in some capacity, but as of now, it does not seem likely given his send-off in Creed II.

“We’re working on it [Demolition Man] right now with Warner Bros. and it’s looking fantastic,” Stallone said. “So that should come out. That’s going to happen.”


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