Spider-Man Director Suggests Angry Rioters Destroy FOX News Building


As a perfect storm developed in the United States: 40 million unemployed, a waning pandemic putting states on lockdown, and a crashed economy, the country is quickly descending into chaos into the summer months. After video surfaced of the late George Floyd pinned down on his stomach, hands cuffed behind him, and police officer Derek Chauvin pinning him down with a knee to the neck, protests began to spring up. And while the evidence hasn’t all been presented, we just learned from the medical examiner that at least part of the defense for Officer Chauvin will be that he did not cause the death with his knee, and could not reasonably have known of Floyd’s medical condition. The protests will only escalate further when that news gets out.



At this point though, the facts of the case no longer matter to the fury felt by protesters who are angry about police brutality and a system that seems to protect their own more than the citizenry. While most police officers may discharge their duties faithfully and effectively, when any police officers engage in misconduct, then discipline and accountability are essential. Obstructing the discipline of the minority of police officers who engage in misconduct undermines the relationship between police forces and the communities they are charged to serve and protect. It also prevents justice when police officers use deadly force without cause such as it appears to be the case with George Floyd.


So if our culture wants there to be fewer events like the sad and unnecessary killing of George Floyd, it’s probably time to tackle police unions. These are complex issues and not generally the subject of this internet journal.  Suffice to say that the suffering, the violence, and the chaos are heartbreaking to me.




Cities are burning, businesses are being destroyed, and the heartland is bringing in the National Guard to help bring widespread rioting in the Twin Cities and elsewhere under control. It’s also becoming clear that many of these riots in some of America’s biggest cities were opportunely coordinated in multiple cities to ride the coattails of legitimate protest over Floyd’s tragic and suspicious death in police custody.


When the destruction of the CNN building in Atlanta took place over the weekend, images and video captured by news networks and social media users showed that some of the spray-painted messages on the logo included “no cops,” “f*** Trump” and “#Love.” Protestors threw milk jugs, bricks and water bottles at police cars in front of the headquarters, and eventually a police vehicle and an American flag were set on fire in front of the headquarters.



However, many supporters of the violence and groups like Antifa have ghoulishly begun rooting for even more looting, chaos, and destruction. One such ghoul is none other than Into the Spider-Verse director, Peter Ramsey:



How can the same people that call FOX News a “fascist propaganda outlet” also direct others to go burn down a TV station they disagree with? It isn’t that Ramsey doesn’t care about racial discrimination and inequality, he certainly does. He virtue signals about it constantly. It’s simply that he is so ignorant of what is really going on and if it doesn’t fit his political narrative, he simply ignores it and continues to double down on his pro-antifa rhetoric.



We’ve seen glimpses of Peter Ramsey’s Antifa support in the past, and it was surely well-known to Sony before hiring him to direct their hit film, but are they okay with him going after other media outlets and directing chaos and violence towards them?




How is this honoring the memory of George Floyd? How is this helping race relations? How is this address police brutality? Ramsey is of course considered one of the “good people” who, while the Third Precinct was burning, and the city was warning people to clear away, because there was concern that the gas lines had been cut, and there could be a huge explosion, this Spider-Man director was basically asking Antifa on twitter, “Where can I donate for matches?”




Whatever justice is, it’s not this.



It’s a shame when creators get so partisanly political on their social media, but it’s to be expected. Everyone has a right to free speech and to be able to have a voice. However, it’s another thing altogether to shout “fire” in a movie theater, and that’s effectively what Mr. Ramsey is doing by spreading his hatred of FOX News to those who are inclined to commit heinous acts of violence. It looks to me like he can’t resist using his own “hate ray” to influence others.


Chris Braly

Chris Braly

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