Special Report: Marvel Studios Developing 2 More Disney+ Series

With Shang-Chi poised to launch a new franchise for Marvel Studios, they have already found the project they will pursue next for the character.

Geeks WorldWide reports that an Agents of Atlas adaptation is in development, but it’s unclear whether it will be a movie or a Disney+ show. The upcoming movie Shang-Chi and the Legend Of the Ten Rings will be used to set it up.

The most recent relaunch of Agents of Atlas is lead by Special Agent Jimmy Woo (who was played by Randall Park in Ant-Man and the Wasp and will next be seen in WandaVision), and also features Shang-Chi, Aero (a Chinese heroine with wind powers), Brawn (Amadeus Cho, the former Hulk), and Silk (a Spider-Man ally), among other Asian characters.




Another report surfaced last month which claimed that Marvel Studios is developing a Secret Invasion TV series for the Disney+ streaming service. It also suggests that the plan is for it to lead directly into Captain Marvel 2. The Kree and Skrulls would both play a role, as would S.W.O.R.D., the organization which looks set to make its MCU debut in WandaVision.

This does add up, and a show like this could fill in the gaps between both Captain Marvel movies and bring a game-changing storyline to this shared world that fans are anxious to see. The entire concept of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes not trusting each other is a fun one and revealing that beloved, familiar faces have been replaced by Skrulls could have some game-changing consequences.

Secret Invasion might also be a good place to throw characters like Nova and the Supreme Intelligence into the mix, while the Super-Skrull is another previously Fox-owned villain who is finally available to Marvel Studios. 



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