SJWs Drag Star Wars Actor for Not Seeing Politics in Original Trilogy

Wake up with a nutritious breakfast.


Uneducated SJWs will oftentimes parrot the line, “all art is political.” SJWs believe all art is political, because all of their art is political. Reality as always is the exact opposite. Certainly my grandmother’s macrame doesn’t exactly scream “Orange Man Bad.” And what about a paint-by-numbers palomino painting? Is that an activist dog whistle or something?


But the SJW simply cannot of think of politics in any other way than a binary on/off switch. They’re incapable of understanding the nuance between their very specific brand of moronic political fashions, and politics on a much larger archetypal scale that are timeless. I’ve written a blog post that explains politics in Star Wars.


But today, the man who has played C-3Po since 1975 declares idiot SJWs everywhere, to be 100% dead wrong.




But that won’t stop uneducated SJWs like Official Star Wars artist for TOPPS, Jordan Maison, from insisting how wrong Anthony Daniels is, even though Jordan wasn’t even an itch in his daddy’s pants back in the 1970s.




Snicker with derisive delight as SJWs in Jordan’s thread attempt to compute this new programming.




And imaging just how unfamiliar Adthony Daniels must be with this story.




Binary on/off switch.




Or maybe he was talking about an obsession over more than just the color of lightsabers.



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