SJW Agenda Comic Books Still Hurting the Comics Market

While many of here, and elsewhere online, who are lifelong comic fans are now fighting back (and winning) against the “social justice warrior” (SJW) take-over of Marvel, DC, and the comics industry, the publishers continue to go down the road of social justice, promote rudeness to fans, allow creators to inject their personal politics, and pander to a niche readership of SJWs who simply don’t buy nearly as many comics as I’m sure the publishers would prefer.


In this video I discuss something sad that I found while taking my daughter for a walk through a mall. Bottom line? SJW comics just don’t sell and the comic pros who are antagonistic towards those they disagree with need to learn how to interact in a market and accept criticism. How can we help promote good comics? Is it too late to try to get children, and adults, to get into and to read comic books? And is it worth it to even try?


SJW Agenda Comic Books Don't Sell Or Expand The Market

Captain Frugal

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