Simple Twist of Fate? Early Marvel TV Stars’ Tarantino Connections

In the words of the late, great Rod (Twilight Zone) Serling: ‘Submitted for your approval….
Whilst some fans are aware that Nicholas Hammond, star of CBS’s 1970s live action Amazing Spider-Man series turned in a very decent performance as director/actor Sam Wanamaker in Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood, are there any other interesting Tarantino connections with the early onscreen stars of Marvel?

Strangely enough, Peter Hooten, the star of 1978’s Dr Strange TV movie (CBS again) was also a co-star in 1978’s version of Inglorious Bastards, an Italian WWII actioner (‘Macaroni Combat‘), whose title Tarantino of course purloined years later.

The Inglorious Bastards (1978) ORIGINAL TRAILER [HD 1080p]

And lastly, Eric Kramer, who starred as Thor in 1988’s Return of The Incredible Hulk made an appearance as the thuggish ‘Boris’ in 1992’s Tarantino-penned True Romance.

Coincidence? Yes. Undoubtedly. But fun to contemplate nonetheless.

Stephen Arnell

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