Sigh – Yes, Comics Publisher Ron Marz is Still an Insufferable Oaf


Looks like pretentious and aggravating scriptwriter Ron Marz continues his far-left journey after all these years, as he posted the following in the past few days:



So only news programs could possibly cause violence in youth, not the entertainment medium? About what you could possibly expect somebody who’s contributed at least a few of the most notorious moments in comics history, like the Major Force fridging Alexandra deWitt scene in Green Lantern, to say. Yet one can only wonder if Marz would appreciate that a writer for the Federalist is arguing that children shouldn’t be watching news reports about mass shootings, because it can be bad for their mental health? Sadly, I get the feeling he wouldn’t thank the site, based on their conservative leanings.


He later wrote:




So here, he opportunistically blames conservatives in every way for the actions of a violent maniac in Buffalo, New York, but refuses to blame the state’s disastrous law enforcement as it stands now for anything bad that’s happened in the past number of years, ever since Bill de Blasio and Andrew Cuomo really set things on a collision course for a fiasco. Why are men like Marz so lacking in ability to level any criticism against Democrats who enable these situations?


And then:



And with his insult to Matt Gaetz, he implies he believes only conservatives could’ve possibly leaked info regarding a possible SCOTUS decision to reverse Roe vs. Wade. On which note, why does somebody who supposedly complains about violent crimes occurring at supermarkets suddenly have a problem with people who oppose abortion? Life isn’t valuable? There’s a whole plurality in the USA public who’re opposed to abortion for valid reasons. He’d do well to consider that.


And here’s an insult Marz wrote against author Dr. Jordan Peterson:




Wow, and here, Marz sides with those who think obesity is literally a good, healthy influence for women. In that case, why’d he ever write comics where leading ladies were hot? Let us be clear. Obesity is unhealthyrisks illness for the heart, and can be even worse for women than men in some cases. And if we’re going to let political correctness entirely impede upon our ability to educate why good health is beneficial, then all this is going to do is result in more health problems everywhere. I won’t say Peterson was perfect in how he approached this whole issue, but again, that’s no excuse for obscuring health issues and invalidating them.

All these years on, and Marz still proves to be one of the biggest leftists around. And while not unexpected, it’s still very sad.


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Avi Green

Avi Green was born in Pennsylvania in 1974, and moved to Israel in 1983. He enjoyed reading comics when he was young, the first being Fantastic Four. He maintains a strong belief in the public's right to knowledge and accuracy of facts. He considers himself a conservative-style version of Clark Kent. Follow him on his blog at Four Color Media Monitor or on Twitter at @avigreen1