Showrunner of Female-Centric Star Wars Memory-Holes Her Social Media

Social justice minded identitarian Leslye Headland is the toast of the press this week


Following Rian Johnson’s example, Lucasfilm writer Leslye Headland has decided to delete 246 tweets yesterday according to Social Blade.





So what tweets is she deleting? Do they have anything to do with the female centric project she is working on for Star Wars on Disney Plus, or could they be something embarassing?


Well, The Cut tells us this:


Leslye Headland wrote a play about working for Harvey Weinstein back in 2008. It was an experience she knew something about. Headland, the filmmaker and co-creator of Russian Doll, spent six years as an assistant at Miramax and the Weinstein Company, one of them reporting directly to Weinstein himself.


Despite that, Weinsten placed Headland on his “Red Flag List” which was a list Weinstein gave to his private investigator, of people who he thought might be talking to the media about his sexual misconduct. So there’s a possibility that Headland may be viewed as a hero to the Collective.


Regardless, Headland may have been busy deleting Weinsten related tweets. According to a 2018 article from The Vulture, here are some of those tweets which no longer exist.




What will this do for the MeToo movement? Who knows. But it looks like Leslye isn’t quite as bold and brave when she isn’t in a room filled with nothing but SJWs who will clap at her race-obsessed hyperbole like trained seals.



Thanks to Bounding Into Comics for the tip.



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