Several British Comics at Risk of Being Lost Without Archives

The BBC says a lot of UK-developed comics could be in danger of vanishing if they’re not archived:


British comic history could be lost if physical copies of books and artwork are not preserved, a collector and historian has warned.

Peter Hansen said existing collections and archives needed to be urgently and properly catalogued.

Along with experts from London and Dundee, he has organised an event this weekend to promote the call.

British comic titles of the past and present include Bunty, The Eagle, 2000AD, The Beano and Jackie. […]

He added: “A national strategy is urgently required to catalogue and map existing collections and archives, and to develop the resources required to ensure that comics, original comic art, and the ephemera that surrounds the comics such as free gifts, advertising and information on fan clubs is not lost.

“So much of that long history is at risk of disappearing, and not enough is being done to preserve the work being done right now.”


Well this is certainly surprising, considering that on the European mainland, there’s plenty of comics being preserved, including – but not limited to – French/Belgian creations like Asterix, Valerian & Laureline, Gaston LaGaffe, Natacha, Yoko Tsuno, et cetera, and the NY Times once stated at the beginning of the year how French products are considered serious business. There’s even an association dedicated to them. How is it the UK’s so far behind by comparison? Let’s hope this news serves to encourage historians and museums in the UK to get serious about archiving their creations properly now.



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Avi Green

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