Self-Appointed Internet Cops Lose Bizarre Case Against Indie Publisher


In my recent video “The Targeting of Peter Simeti,” I documented how there had been a coordinated effort to discredit the personal account of Alterna Comics founder Peter Simeti regarding the “swatting” he endured last year on February 12th, 2019. Bleeding Fool reported on the incident the following morning here. I was perplexed by the coordinated harassment and incessant dogpiling of many former ‘OG comicsgaters’ Phil Cummings (aka Capn Cummings) and comics writer Jon Del Arroz, as well as commentator Christopher the Comic Book Hut casting aspersions on the story which was now over a year old. Their ongoing, public zeal to try and prove that Peter Simeti had not been truthful about the incident eventually convinced Simeti to lock his Twitter account for a while.


Before that, he promised his fans that the truth would come out and the stream of that night plus a report would be available.


CASE CLOSED: Alterna Comics SWATting incident on the night of February 12th 2019

A few days ago, Peter re-uploaded the clip of the stream when he was swatted (above) in which you can clearly hear the cops banging on his door, informing him that they were there searching for his girlfriend who they claimed, according to an anonymous phone call, was stabbed by someone claiming to be Peter Simeti. Christopher the Comic Book Hut acknowledged the truth of the incident in a video response the following day, claiming he only questioned Simeti’s account for the sake of finding out the truth, he did not apologize for questioning the story. And as my “Targetting of Peter Simeti” video below shows, their “quest for the truth” only happened due to their grievances over Simeti having invited Cyberfrog creator Ethan van Sciver on his stream. You see, Cummings, Del Arroz, and Hut all hate Ethan so it was this incident that inspired their attack on his reputation.


The Targeting of Peter Simeti

As of this writing, Cummings, Del Arroz, or Christopher are no longer questioning Peter’s account. Instead they are trying to come up with the best possible spin to dismiss why they made allegations and questioned the veracity of his claims instead of just admitting it was about Ethan. Please check out my “Targetting of Peter Simeti” video above, and then check out my latest follow up video below, “Peter Simeti Vindicated; Phil Cummings, Comic Book Hut Disgraced”





All of this begs the question… why weren’t they always trying to find out who swatted Peter, and will they ever be caught?


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