SAVAGE: Star Wars Actor John Boyega Vs the “Reylos” (Updated!)


Apparently, Mr. Boyega recently made some harmless remarks on Instagram that Reylos aren’t too happy with.  Now that John is ridiculously being called a misogynist by shrieking harridans, one wonders if he’s learning any lessons about the fake black stormtrooper controversy from a few years ago.




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Thanks to civil rights folk heroes such as Rachel Dolezal and Elizabeth Warren, the nonsense concept of trans-racialism may be making great strides in the Reylo community.  Some are now claiming that @crogman, the Twitter user at the top of this post is not the “black woman” that she claims to be.



How do we know?  Well it turns out that @craogman may be using the profile pictures of @iamkirachaana



Someone tell me again how hate hoaxes aren’t actually a thing.


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