Savage Dragon Creator Surprises No One by Shilling for Joe Biden





Image Comics partner and CFO Erik Larsen is voting Biden/Harris this election season with an alternate cover of Savage Dragon #253 revealed today. 


“This is an important election. They always say that but with America literally on fire and an ineptly handled pandemic it feels especially so,” said Larsen. “Twelve years ago SAVAGE DRAGON endorsed BARACK OBAMA and history was made. Savage Dragon #137 was the first comic book to feature the then-candidate Obama on its cover and it became a global sensation. It’s time to take a stance once more and help make the country, and the world, a better place!”



Erik Larsen is no stranger to using his character in obscene ways


Larsen has previously done covers featuring cameos of politicians, his cover endorsing Barack Obama sold out and went back to press four times. It’s probably worth noting that Erik Larsen has also included ample amounts of pornographic imagery in Savage Dragon, notably even weird scenes of kiddie rape.


Edited scenes from Savage Dragon #237



Savage Dragon has had a long tradition of president and candidate covers dating back to his cover of Savage Dragon punching president George W. Bush, and covers featuring past presidents have become highly collectible items, not Savage Dragon though.


Savage Dragon #253 will be available at comic book shops on Wednesday, October 21. Meanwhile, it should be clear by now why Erik is endorsing Biden.  If not, maybe you should watch the following creepy video, or read this credible accusation.



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