Mike’s Saturday Morning Soapbox Revisited: July 27th, 2019




I’ll start with that first one because this week, I don’t really have much inspiration to get anything done. I’ve not felt myself in this space for a couple of weeks now.

I’m still writing like mad but I feel ‘pushed out‘ or ‘unwelcome‘ somehow. 

I’m just tired of the fracturing. I’m tired of the junior high personality contests. I’m tired of people not taking the scope of things seriously.

I thought we created this “indie-sphere” to get away from the mainstream over here, not create a pathological new one.

The drama has discouraged me from participation – it hasn’t hurt my feelings.

It’s diminished my enthusiasm and to be honest I’d of rather had my feelings hurt and be done with it. This feels worse.

Perhaps my good editor here will lend a hand and fill in some holes if he might, I apparently could use it.

Hopefully the message in ‘Stans Soapbox’ from so long ago might ring true for today and help so many those that are struggling with how to get along, gain a better example.

I have a very large project that I’m  involved in that is community based and requires me to speak flatteringly about my community. I don’t feel like it deserves much flattery this past week.

In the meantime, I’ll post some nuggets from past issues that I’ve found while preparing some work that will be revealed as the season progresses. These couple of snaps below are from X-Force #1 Special Edition.

There is some celebration art from the back cover there, which features some werks for a first appearance that many might recognize.



I’ll put this in to try and finish this off with a smile. There…I just got an idea (thank you ‘Squirley Stan’)


Try this if you’re bored. If you have squirrels and chipmunks around your yard take a bag of mixed nuts like walnuts, almonds pecans and such… shells still on, you know. Take your hand driver drill some 5/8 holes through a handful of them and then pin them with wood screws to your patio railing. Set up your comfy chair right in your living room there with your cam, beer and what-have-you. Enjoy your day and draw a little humour from the situation while you watch them go mad all afternoon.

I thought about it. Those nuts are like #comicsgate with the indie-spheres’ burgeoning new industries and partnerships being locked in all around the scene by creators and artists everywhere… The chipmunk is the little fucker who thinks he speaks for it, who owns it, who controls it and who needs to keep it for his very own. If you loosen that screw – he’s going to fuck-off with it.

So, remember everyone – keep your screws in tight. Have a good week and see you again next Saturday.


Mike Rogers

Cryo-ed GenXer. Collector of Edwardian era books and histories. Copper and Dark Age comic collector. Confused and irritated resident of the 21st Century madhouse. Resident observer and collaborator on Indie-Sphere happenings. Need some help on a project or perhaps some exposure here ? DM @60Recce