Star Wars Comics Sales Continue To Slide for Marvel

Barking at men is high adventure for Dr. Aphra.

In December 2018, I wrote a blog post about how Star Wars Marvel Comics saw a “horrible decline” since their high sales around the time of The Force Awakens release, according to Comichron.  Here were the sales comparisons then:

Shortly thereafter in February of 2019, rumors started to swirl around the interwebs that Marvel would release issue #108 of the original Legends Marvel Comic Book run.  This rumor proved to be true, and issue #108 would be published in May 2019.  It seemed as though decision makers were pulling a “member Jaxxon?” stunt in order to bring readers back to the comics.

In March of 2019, other rumors began to swirl around the interwebs which said that Disney was preparing to shut down Marvel Comics altogether.  Some suggested that it would be easy to do this if they shifted prodction of the comics to IDW, which was already producing Star Wars comics.  But then a few days later in that same March, that IDW investors were requesting to sell the company.

Here were the Comichron sales figures at that time:

A reader of this blog then offered some further analysis in the way of a spreadsheet, and you can read about that here.

Now comes an interesting series of tweets from Sr. VP of Programming of iHeartMedia, Scott Ryfun.

Maybe it’s time for a Doctor Aphra/Captain Marvel crossover event.

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