Saladin Ahmed Exploits Stan Lee for His Own Political Agenda

Marvel Comics writer Saladin Ahmed seems to be ungrateful to the late Stan Lee and is now taking advantage of past licensed projects that he may or may not have greenlit to suit his own dark political positions from a modern perspective:



It would appear Ahmed’s trying to exploit an unwise move Lee might’ve made in the 1970s just to suit his own ungrateful agenda. I noticed somebody on the thread saying people who claim Marvel “only recently went woke” didn’t read earlier stuff. But as it so happens, I was aware of this for years already, and don’t try to pretend it didn’t happen, as I did mention a time or two in past posts. And what do I think? Let me be clear. I am sad Lee, if he really did give this project his seal of approval, associated his company with such a disgusting organization founded by Margaret Sangera woman who harbored a bias against blacks, which is a slap in the face to the anti-racism positions he advocated in his time. Sure, PP may not have been as extreme in the 70s as they are today, but that doesn’t make their past platforms any more tasteful.


Furthermore, it doesn’t take a genius to figure Ahmed’s not grateful to Stan for anything, and it wouldn’t be shocking if people like him just write such drivel in attempts to convince Lee’s defenders that their favorite hobbies are “sexist and racist”, and should be abandoned to people like him to exploit. Well here’s what I have to say: if he thinks this item is going to discourage folks like myself from admiring Lee through all his ups and downs, he’s throughly mistaken. Mainly because it’s clear he’s not doing this out of genuine appreciation for Lee in any category. Furthermore, if you know where to look, there are comics stories out there where pregnancies take place (Liz Allen’s son Normie, named after Osborn Jr. in Spider-Man, and Stephanie Brown giving birth in an issue of Robin during the 90s), and usually are looked upon with admiration. Which isn’t exactly what Ahmed’s doing himself. It’s a terrible shame he’s exploiting a now deceased guy’s archives to suit his own agenda, rather than just make the case himself in his own words.


Anyway, Ahmed posted more tweets supporting abortion:


Yeah, “safe, legal“. Keep going, please. And, he has more to say about elections:



He clearly doesn’t think liberals ever worked in front of or behind the scenes to enshrine their own agendas at the expense of cohesion, and his anti-conservative bias is predictably galling.


What makes him so obsessed with supporting abortion? It’s amazing he hasn’t gotten around exploiting Simone Veil’s pushing for legalizing abortion in France during the time Valery Giscard d’Estaing was president in the 70s. Something I thought was atrocious in the extreme. He even posted the following:

And here, he’s acting like everybody thinks white supremacy is a thing of the past. A man who already attacked Jewish Stan Lee’s Israeli counterparts, which includes Gal Gadot, and doesn’t seem particularly worried about Jews/Israelis falling victim to them, as tragically occurred of recent in Pittsburgh and San Diego’s Poway district. And he’s exploiting those cases while trying to pretend Islamofascism’s not a major issue, even though it still reigns supreme in many places. It’s a disgrace C.B. Cebulski continues to let him write anything for Marvel, but of course, let’s not forget Sana Amanat likely also plays a part in making sure Ahmed still gets many jobs with them.





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