Sad: Star Wars Podcaster Seems Obsessed With Race & Gender Politics


Recently, Pete Fletzer from the Around The Galaxy podcast who also wrote for Star Wars Insider and  Topps’ Star Wars Galaxy magazines, tweeted out the following:



Nothing says a “gaping hole in the life” more than obsessing over race and gender 24/7. Though I’m not sure there’s anything wrong with monetizing the SJW freak show in the same way that P. T. Barnum might.


But while Pete is clearly opposed to “people who shout hate” at those who are politically compliant with SJW idiocy, he simultaneously has no problem shouting hate himself at those who he finds to be political heretics.


Because if we look at the bottom of the Twitter thread in the hidden posts that Pete would prefer you didn’t see, we find the following:




As an uneducated imbecile, Pete doesn’t understand that skepticism is an absolute requirement in science, and that without skepticism you simply don’t have a genuine science at all. It’s one of the primary things that separates science from dogmatic religion where worshipers are required to believe. But ignorance is what allows Pete to live life as hypocrisy personified.





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