Sad Day in Video Game Dev News, But There Was One Bright Spot…

Another day, another beloved IP despoiled by woke corporatism.

Last night, Mister Metokur broke the following cringeworthy yet inevitable news:

Read more on the impending Marvel heresy here.

The second paragraph in the image above is the most telling, as it’s an unabashed piece of brand management. It’s Marvel’s megacorp owners trading on the shared universe continuity they destroyed.


NB: The reference to Marvel Team-Up, which sounded the death knell for Marvel continuity, is too on-the-nose to be a coincidence.

Our corporate overlords and their SJW minions have ruined movies, TV, music, stand up comedy, video games, tabletop games, and knitting. Now Warhammer 40k fans are in for a taste of their shrill, forked lash.

Speaking of video games though, the gaming world played host to another spark of resistance to the Death Cult.

Heartbeat is a small indie game whose art designer recently dispensed some bitter red pills on Twitter.

In retaliation, the demented scolds on ResetEra flooded the game’s Steam page with attack reviews.



Any AAA game studio, or any corporate IP holder for that matter, would have bent the knee to the mob. But the team behind Heartbeat gave them an object lesson in the difference between corporate product and indie entertainment.



That’s right. The plucky indie devs not only didn’t bow to the hate mob’s demands, they bundled the game with its soundtrack and offered both at a 41% discount.

You can do your own digging to find out why that number is significant.

Result: Heartbeat shot up the charts. Last I saw, it was #24.


If you’re a member of a fandom, be it Star Wars or stamp collecting, the billion-dollar global corporations that control your favorite IP will not rest until all fun has been squeezed out of the hobby. Nothing can stop that since they’ve chosen to side with the Death Cult.

Let the demoniacs have their ill-gotten gains. We don’t need them now that indie creators in all fields are hard at work producing fun content that doesn’t insult its audience.

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Brian Niemeier

Brian Niemeier

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