Rosario Dawson: Update on Alleged Transphobic Assault Claims


Vanity Fair has an update on the alleged transphobic assault that Rosario Dawson is being sued over in between hand wringing over Gina Carano. And they’ve asked the opinions of two trans fans for their hot takes on the situation. The first is Jay Justice:


Dawson, who has been a longtime supporter of LGBTQIA+ organizations and causes and identifies as part of that community, has denied the accusations as “baseless.” Some of the Star Wars fandom is wary. “I don’t know the whole story there, and there’s no easy way to point to a screenshot of her being a Trumper where we can go, ‘Okay, this is the problem.’ But I don’t want to discount the words and the experiences of people who have dealt with her,” Justice said. “I hope that things come out in a way that doesn’t prove that we’ve hired another person who is going to have a negative impact on the fandom.”


So just being a “Trumper” is a problem. If only she knew of all of the other people that Lucasfilm has hired that have a negative impact on the fandom.


But there has been a quiet development in the case that hasn’t gotten any of the attention of the original charge.

In August, plaintiff Dedrek Finley voluntarily withdrew 18 of the 20 accusations against Dawson and her family, according to court documents. His attorney verified to Vanity Fair that the dropped claims included the accusations of misgendering and discrimination. There was no settlement, and that lawyer has since left the case. The final two claims, involving an alleged physical altercation between Finley and Dawson’s mother at the property where they had invited Finley to reside, is still pending, according to court documents. A Los Angeles County Superior Court will decide next month whether to dismiss those as well or if there is enough evidence to move forward with the case.


The other trans fan that Vanity Fair asked for comment was Josefina Vineyard.


Dawson’s representatives declined to comment, and no current representative of Finley could be found. For some, the accusation lingers, despite most of the case already going Dawson’s way. “We want to believe that Rosario Dawson is innocent. We don’t enjoy disliking people,” self-described Star Wars fan Josefina Vineyard, who uses they/them pronouns, wrote to Vanity Fair. “But it is simply more realistic to assume that if one is accused of something so common as transphobia, that there is likely merit to that.” 


So just the mere existence of an accusation alone is enough proof of guilt for the Collective. I suppose this is what allows them to punish their political enemies over the prolific hate hoaxes they like to commit.


Upon learning the latest developments in the case, Justice told Vanity Fair: “I will always have some kind of reservation toward supporting someone who has had those kinds of allegations—just a little bit of hesitancy of not wanting to support someone who may have victimized someone. But if they’re part of an ensemble cast of something I already enjoy, I’m not going to initiate a boycott based on something that was thrown out of court and there’s absolutely nothing to point to here that says it’s a pattern. I feel bad for everyone involved. If it isn’t true, Rosario Dawson has been through all this hell for nothing. If it is true, what can we do about it now?”


The same thing “activists” always do; Swarm! Swarm!






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