Rise of Skywalker is Worst Reviewed Star Wars Film in History


The Rise of Skywalker now stands as the worst reviewed Star Wars film, evah! At least with Rotten Tomatoes according to Forbes:


‘Star War: Rise Of Skywalker’ Is Now The Worst-Reviewed ‘Star Wars’ Movie Ever

I wondered if this would end up actually happening with so many reviews already in, but it finally did. I have been tracking the Rotten Tomatoes score of Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker ever since it debuted below expectations, and surprisingly, planted itself between The Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones in terms of overall score.

As the weeks pressed on and more reviews came in, it slipped down even further and ended up tied with The Phantom Menace as the worst reviewed Star Wars film at a 53% RT score. Now, just a couple more reviews have sent it over the edge and at a 52%, it is now the worst reviewed Star Wars movie in history, including all three trilogies and the two sub-films.


(editor’s note:) Even after 8 weeks, the film’s so-called ‘audience score’ is still stuck at 86% which is where it’s held since the film was released.
Does anyone still believe the former Disney employee who runs Rotten Tomatoes isn’t tweaking that score on behalf of his former employer?



An amusing anecdote to add here is in regards to a recent article from Disney shill Matt Miller.


It Doesn’t Matter if Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Is Good Or Bad—Toxic Fans Will Try to Destroy It

There is no pleasing people who have made up their minds. These are the people who will be review-bombing The Rise of Skywalker on Rotten Tomatoes. These are the people who will tweet at me, who will start delusional campaigns to remake the movies. These are the people who will harass actors and directors (and who will maybe try to spoil their next movies).


Heh, too bad for you, Matt.  Looks like your idiot colleagues took care of the Rotten Tomatoes score for us.



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