Riddle: How is the ‘Eternals’ Movie Like an Unexploded Bomb?

While our title is both a prediction of the movie’s future earnings, and a joke, this is a somewhat serious matter.

The cast and crew of Marvel’s Eternals were recently evacuated from a set following a bomb scare. Production was underway on the movie on the Canary Island of Fuerteventura. Members of the cast such as Angelina Jolie and Richard Madden were then rushed off the set after an unexploded bomb was discovered. Bomb disposal experts were called in to deal with the situation.

According to multiple reports, this isn’t suspected to be an act of terrorism or a bomb planted on the set. There is no suspected malicious intent. Instead, it’s believed that the explosive dates back to World War II, as the Nazis had a base on the Spanish island. No injuries have been reported and the situation has been dealt with.


How strange that the first interesting news about this production has to do with a bomb.

Eternals has been filming in various locations across Europe as of late. It’s unclear at this time if the bomb scare will have an effect on the filming schedule. (via MovieWeb)

Jamison Ashley

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