Rian Johnson’s Star Wars Trilogy Cancelled?

Rumors are swirling that Lucasfilm has cancelled the previously announced Star Wars trilogy to be helmed by controversial director of Star Wars Episode VIII The Last Jedi.

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The rumors are based on a statement made by Rogue One art director Neil Lamont, who was working on an untitled Star Wars spin-off movie. This is what Lamont told Cinemablend:

“We were just starting our work on another Star Wars spin-off and yeah. We were actually just making our mark on Tatooine — which would have been interesting, and some other new galaxies. So hopefully, if that comes back, we’ll get the chance to be able to do that further.”

Rumors started to spread that Johnson’s trilogy may be cancelled or at least on hold because of that one subordinate clause “and some other new galaxies”. As you may remember one of the very few things that is known about Johnson’s planned trilogy is, that it was supposed to take place in a “new galaxy”.

Lamont’s statement also confirms that a movie involving Tatooine is on hold for now, or maybe cancelled altogether. That could be the Obi-Wan movie, but a Mos Eisley Cantina movie was also rumored.

Maybe too much meaning is put into Lamont’s statement. Maybe he didn’t refer to Johnson’s trilogy when he spoke of the “new galaxies, which would have been interesting”. But then again, it’s not completely out of the question that Disney did re-evaluate Johnson’s trilogy and decided to cancel it. After all, no matter what you think of The Last Jedi, it is a divisive movie and perhaps Disney is getting cold feet now. Star Wars is no longer invulnerable, a Star Wars movie can flop. What would happen if the first movie of a Johnson trilogy flopped as well? So maybe Disney wants to minimize risks, since Rian Johnson has become somewhat of a polarizing director.


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Also from Cinemablend:

There wasn’t any elaboration on Neil Lamont’s part regarding exactly what was in the works for Tatooine — but we can certainly speculate. It’s possible that there were some abandoned ideas for the desert planet in the upcoming Boba Fettmovie… but given the status of things, the stronger bet is that Lamont is referencing the much-discussed Obi-wan Kenobi solo adventure. We’ve been hearing talk about that potential project for years, with the idea being that it would follow Kenobi (played by Ewan McGregor) in the years after the events of Revenge of the Sith. This would specifically place him on Tatooine — where he stayed so that he could keep an eye on young Luke from a distance. Not much has been officially said about the potential film, but it’s believable that there might have been discussions about what we might see from Tatooine.


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