Rian Johnson, You’re No George Lucas



Rian Johnson opens his mouth yet again.


Any professional world builder understands that even a fantasy world has to operate by its own internal rules.  Once those rules start to be broken, suspension of disbelief breaks down.  It’s why we don’t see Resistance fighters wearing Mousketeer ears – yet.  Rian has yet to learn this basic storytelling lesson.




Comicbook.com reports:


“I think the instant you start thinking in terms of how do you not step outside of the bounds of what the original movies did, you’re not thinking the way the people who made the original movies did,” Johnson shared on the Creative Processing with Joseph Gordon-Levitt podcast [H/T Twitter, MovieCooper]. “They were with every movie, they were pushing it forward, with every movie they were stepping outside those bounds and pushing the characters into new, emotionally honest, but surprising places. That’s why those movies are great. That’s why they’re alive. If they had been looking at something that came before it and saying, ‘Oh, we better not do this because that is outside of this or that,’ it would’ve been different.”


And yet, that’s exactly what George Lucas did.  From an interview with George Lucas:


GEORGE LUCAS: We were using a kind of technology which had to be completely worked out. How do these bubbles exist under there? Where do they come from? What do they use for energy? The whole culture has to be designed. What do they believe in? How do they operate? What are the economics of the culture. Most of it doesn’t appear in the movie, but you have to have thought it through, otherwise there’s — something always rings very untrue or phony about what it is that’s going on. And one of the things I struggle for is to create a kind of immaculate realism in a totally unreal and fantasy world. It’s a science that I can make up. But once I make up a rule, then I have to live with it.

BILL MOYERS: Such as? The world according to George.

GEORGE LUCAS: Well — I mean, one of the rules is that there’s sound in space.

GEORGE LUCAS: So there’s sound in space. I can’t suddenly have spaceships flying around without any sound anymore because I’ve already done it. I’ve established that as one of the rules of the — of the — of my galaxy and I have to live with that.

GEORGE LUCAS: The technology of laser swords, what they can cut through, what they can’t cut through.


Lucas had such attention to detail, that he even had rules about underwear in space.


Lucas directed fame towards the likes of Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford, among others, when he blasted the franchise onto the big screen on May 25, 1977.

On set when filming Star Wars: A New Hope, he reportedly told Fisher that there was “no underwear in space”.

The director may well have told the Princess Leia actress to turn up on set without underwear, but she was no saint either.

“So they put the dress on me the first day and bring me to George,” Fisher said on HBO’s Wishful Drinking. “He takes one look at me and he says, ‘you can’t wear a bra underneath that dress’, so I said, ‘why?’, and he said, ‘because there’s no underwear in space’. And the man said it with such conviction too.”



So once again we find that Rian Johnson simply has no idea as to what he’s talking about.


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