Rian Johnson Tries to Contextualize the “Toxic Fandom” in Star Wars



Rian Johnson was thrown some softball questions from the legacy media, which allowed him to prattle some worthless nonsense about the purely imaginary problems of a “tiny vocal minority” and a “toxic fandom.”


Variety asked:


When Benioff and Weiss left, there was chatter that it was due to “toxic fandom.” What was your experience like with that kind of trolling?


Rian answered:


You always have to contextualize how small a part of the fandom that section is. I’m not talking about people who like or dislike a particular movie. I’m talking about the people who have dedicated themselves to abusing people who are involved in the films. It’s so small, but it gets blown up. Having been in the hurricane for the last two years, I can tell you that 95% of what I get even on Twitter is lovely and thoughtful and engaged, even when people don’t like my movie. Having said that, it’s a problem that every type of fandom is dealing with. It’s almost a byproduct of this system that is the internet.


I wonder if Rian has contextualized the contextualization of the academic study that Disney commissioned which demonstrates that Rian is once again making things up?  Perhaps he needs more context.


The problem that Rian is unwittingly referring to is the Geeker Gate.  But yes, the unfortunate presence of social justice activists is a severe problem in every fandom, and in every other aspect of life.



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