Rian Johnson Struggles With Basic Word Definitions

Social justice activists (SJWs)  routinely type out words that they don’t really have any understanding of.  They do this because they like the sing-song quality of the hyperbole, or if they think the word sounds insulting to their political adversaries.  The term “Mary Sue” is a term that most SJWs simply don’t understand.  The few who do understand the term, work tirelessly to distort its actual meaning.



The following demonstration of such SJW ignorance began with writer C. Robert Cargill.



Variations of the phrase “woman who does something unexpectedly awesome” is one method that SJWs use to distort the actual meaning of the term “Mary Sue.”  When the female character in question espouses moronic social justice politics through their actions or dialogue, the SJW will use that character’s vagina to shield that moronic social justice politics from criticism.  Do you think wealth redistribution is as stupid as it actually is?  Well if a character who possesses a vagina promotes it in a film, then you’re a sexist and/or misogynist if you dare criticize the politics.  And of course the SJW will use melanin content in the same manner as well.


Notorious hack Rian Johnson saw fit to parrot some of that sing-song hyperbole in a proud virtue signal to his fellow Collective drones:



Bad faith bad takes, from bad actors, is a bad look.  Right, Rian?

But let’s put Pavlovian SJW buzzwords aside.  Let’s instead focus on the phrase “rooted in.”  Rian certainly typed out the phrase.  But does he have any idea what it actually means?  Of course not.  Here’s the definition of the phrase “rooted in” according to Merriam-Webster:

rooted in


Definition of rooted in
: formed, made, or developed by using (something) as a basis

So Rian is attempting to say here that the phrase “Mary Sue” was developed specifically by using sexism.  But was it?

When we look into the history of the term “Mary Sue,” we discover that it was coined by a woman.  From Dictionary.com:


Both the Mary Sue character type and sub-genre originated with “A Trekkie’s Tale,” a short piece of satirical Star Trek fanfiction which famously began, “‘Gee, golly gosh, gloriosky,’ thought Mary Sue as she stepped on the bridge of the Enterprise. ‘Here I am, the youngest lieutenant in the Fleet — only 15 1/2 years old.’”

The very short story was written by Paula Smith in 1973 for Menagerie, Star Trek fanzine for which she was an editor. In a 2011 interview, Smith explained that, as an editor who read a significant amount of Star Trek fanfiction (written by women, in particular), she noticed a pattern of recurring adolescent female characters who were the youngest ever in their Starfleet position, irresistibly yet uniquely attractive, and uncannily talented and capable in every adventure she and the crew dared endeavor.

“A Trekkie’s Tale” was written to parody what Smith viewed as a common practice with young writers to perhaps subconsciously write an idealized version of themselves into the story and fail to write the original Star Trek characters accurately as a result of interacting with the author’s unrealistic wish-fulfillment figure. Because the character and story type continued to crop up in fanfiction submissions, Smith and other editors began referring to them as “Lieutenant Mary Sue” stories, and the term Mary Sue quickly caught on with the public.


So is Rian Johnson suggesting that Paula Smith was sexist for coining the term “Mary Sue?”  This is what the words that Rian uses suggests.  But remember, Rian is a clueless moron.  He has no idea that the words he typed out suggests this.  He just likes the sing-song quality of his hyperbolic virtue signal, and is utterly oblivious to its actual meaning.


The primary reason that SJWs like Rian wants the term “Mary Sue” to die isn’t because of sexism and/or misogyny.  It’s because the term effectively articulates a concept that SJWs don’t want anyone to be aware of, because they want to use the Mary Sue in film and print to glorify their idiotic politics.   But this is nothing new.  SJWs always seek to hamstring the vocabulary of their political adversaries to make it more difficult for them to articulate their points.  By making certain words or phrases racist, sexist and/or misogynist, the SJW turns a normal person’s vocabulary into a minefield.  Think about how they reacted to the term NPC, a term which effectively articulates a concept easily and instantly.  Twitter even attempted to suppress its use.  This is how fairness doctrines and net neutralities are born: from the SJW desire to control speech.  But I digress.

All SJWs are universally ineducable, but a good Samaritan attempted to educate Rian anyway.


But to no avail.  Rian responded in the only way he knows how:



“Profanity is the effort of a feeble brain to express itself forcibly.”

― Spencer W. Kimball


Rian may not want the term Gary Stu to exist, but unfortunately for him, it does anyway.  Although Daisy Ridley refers to it as a Ryan Craig.

But I propose  we “evolve” the term altogether.  Perhaps we ought to refer to the overpowered character a “Rey” instead.  After all, “Rey” is a gender neutral name that can be applied to anyone from any of the 63 genders.  Equal equality equally equalized equitably. 

How about that Rian, you blithering fool?

Keep supporting those proud feminists though… ha!


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