Rian Johnson Still Pushing Debunked Kelly Marie Tran Instagram Lie


This is just my opinion, but Rian Johnson is clearly one of the dumbest men that the human species has ever produced.  He’s the kind of imbecile who believes his own lies.

Junkman recently tweeted out the following:

At this point Rian was awake and up for a little trolling so, he responded with a common recitation regarding Kelly Marie Tran’s departure from Instagram last year.


It certainly is, Rian, and yet here you are, being “infantile”


This coming from a guy who has driven away the Star Wars fanbase with his own moronic antics both within and outside of the movies.

The fact that a grown man who has called critics of his terrible movie all manner of things would have such a lack of self-awareness means only one thing; he works in Hollywood.  How on Earth would a social justice warrior have any concept of maturity, when they all live with a perpetual teenage mentality until old age?

But this gives us an opportunity to go over the discredited Kelly Marie Tran (KMT) Instagram narrative once again.

We can go over the fact that all of the media stories reported on a single tweet from an unverified user that posted speculation.

We can go over the fact that KMT’s parting Instagram message, “afraid but doing it anyway,” likely referred to her own stage fright as she left to start production on Episode IX.  We can go over the fact that she disabled her Instagram account rather than delete it, likely due to compliance with an NDA while filming Episode IX.  Mark Hamill signed similar NDAs.  We can go over the fact that KMT’s Instagram account is still up and running as of this writing.

We can go over the fact that the interview with KMT and her NY Times Op-Ed said nothing whatsoever about her Instagram account or any other specifics.  We can remind people that her editor made those comments in the NY Times piece instead.  We can go over how it appeared that KMT was being pressured to maintain this victim narrative.

We can go over the fact that the racist Wookiepedia edit occurred at an IP address which was only 20 minutes away from MakingStarWars.net’s “studio.”

We can also review the interview with Jason Ward of MakinStarWars.net, during which it became obvious that he was lying about the entire affair when confronted with it.

And there is much more that discredits the Instagram narrative, which can be read about here.

So every time that Rian decides to pop his head up to repeat this nonsense, like a game of whack-a-mole we can put Rian in his proper place with these undeniable facts.




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