Rian Johnson Disrespects ANOTHER Legacy Star Wars Actor

It appears that puppeteer Tim Rose who played Admiral Ackbar was not pleased with Rian’s impromptu direction to turn Ackbar into a meme after completing principle photography on The Last Jedi.

SJWs who have no first hand experience with the 20th Century whatsoever, are busy screaming on Twitter that Ackbar was merely an extra.  Apparently SJWs feel that Ackbar can’t possibly be more beloved than the insipid Holdo character, a ridiculous feminist cipher who has already been mostly forgotten by the general audience.  Maybe those SJWs should remember that the editor of the film also had misgivings about Ackbar’s treatment.



And of course readers may recall that the voice actor for Akbar Tom Kane expressed the very same criticism.


But here’s the relevant clip with Tim Rose:



And here is the entire interview:



At this point, the only people who should see Episode IX: The Desecration of Skywalker, are the infantile SJW imbeciles who are desperate to spend 2.5 hours staring at “representations” of themselves on screen.


Others have commented on this matter as well. It’s all here:




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