Reddit Now Blacklists Eisner Award Winning Creators for Mere Associations


Bounding Into Comics has the story of some reprehensible know-it-all moderator at the forum site called Reddit who banned promotion of Nexus co-creator Baron’s new comic called Florida Man from their pages, and it all seems to stem from judgmental views of Comicsgate, not to mention an entirely possible shunning of a veteran for being a right-winger. They even banned the webmaster of Bleeding Fool, where I also have a lot of my writings published, all under an ambiguous “moral position”:


The r/comicbooks subreddit that has over 1.2 million subscribers banned the promotion of Mike Baron and Todd Mulrooney’s Florida Man IndieGoGo.

Florida Man editor and the editor-in-chief of Bleeding Fool Chris Braly posted a link to the IndieGoGo in the ComicBooks subreddit and subsequently received an indication that the post had been removed by moderators.

The reason for removal read, “Moderators remove posts from feeds for a variety of reasons, including keeping communities safe, civil, and true to their purpose.”


Oh, some “purpose” alright. All they’re doing is engaging in moral panics, and what’s additionally telling is the clear rejection of a comics writer who used to be admired in comicdom for his work on Nexus and Badger, and if no professionals come to Baron’s defense this time, that’ll prove the cancel culturalists have decided they reject him. Gail Simone certainly seems to now, over a mere joke she, somebody who’s specialized in humor before, didn’t like. Here’s an example of Reddit’s hypocrisies:


It then specifically mentions Comicsgate, describing the popular movement as a hate group, “Any form of bigotry or support of hate groups (such as comicsgate) is not permitted. While debate and differing views are encouraged, please keep all discussion on-topic and do not resort to personal attacks. As a general rule, don’t be a jerk.”


This led me to look around their site and its various threads on anything comics related. I noticed, for example, a thread about Brad Meltzer’s Identity Crisis, which could easily be described as gender bigotry making light of serious issues like sexual assault, yet that’s allowed to remain, no matter the leanings of anybody posting to it. So too is a thread about Brian Bendis’ Avengers run, even though that too contains moments that can be offensive to women, beginning with the whole Scarlet Witch-is-insane premise. What kind of hypocrisy is going on there? Two posts about Florida Man, when I searched, are still there, but one is flagged as spam. There are some other posts about Baron’s writings on the search results, but they’re mostly older items, and few are newer.


Does this mean whoever’s running Reddit is turning to blacklisting? If so, that’s very serious.

I hope Baron’s campaign will succeed, and that his new comic will sell well when ready. But this looks like another case of censorship and blacklisting of a notable figure taking place, and it’s reprehensible. No wonder I’d rather not post on Reddit, if they’re going to employ people who’re political troublemakers. I do hope the management of Reddit will be willing to address this issue, but I’ve got a feeling they’ll fail to convince.


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Avi Green

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