Ready for an All-Gay Avengers Team? Insiders Say It’s Happening


Showbiz Cheat Sheet’s given a rundown on what Marvel’s up to with their latest SJW-pandering, and it looks like this adaptation of their late 2000’s Avengers spinoff starring younger variations on established heroes could have some of the heaviest emphasis of all on what identity politics advocates believe in:


Marvel seems to be moving full steam ahead with its Young Avengers project. The studio is reportedly developing the story for the Young Avengers and will either introduce the team in the Marvel Cinematic Universe or in a TV show on Disney+. Inside sources also claim that Marvel wants to keep the Young Avengers as diverse as possible, including making the entire lineup LGBTQ+.


Well in that case, it wont be “diverse”. It’ll just be a vehicle intended to emphasize homosexuality. What was once just expected to appear in arthouse movies is now being forced into established mainstream franchises under the belief the audience simply must accept it no matter what. For now, who are the cast members?


Fans have waited a long time to see the Young Avengers in action and it sounds like Marvel will be staying true to the group’s diverse makeup. So far, characters that might join the team include Miss America, Hulkling, Wiccan, Kate Bishop’s Hawkeye, Cassie Lang’s Stature, and Patriot.



If memory serves, Hulkling and Wiccan were meant to represent LGBT, but I’m not sure about the other cast members from that spinoff Marvel produced over a decade ago, written by Allen Heinberg. And just what fans are they talking about? Because I didn’t wait for this to be adapted to a live action, and at this point, I’m not waiting for any Marvel creation to be adapted. Not even Silver Surfer or Adam Warlock. As noted here:


While we wait for official word on Young Avengers, an inside source told We Got This Covered that Marvel is sticking to the comics and making the entire team LGBTQ+. If this is true, then the studio will likely be adapting a story from Young Avengers #15, which debuted in 2014.

Hulking and Wiccan have been featured in a same-sex romance for years, while America Chavez has come out as being a lesbian. Although Kate mostly portrayed as being straight, YA#15 revealed that she might be bi-sexual.

Patriot, a.k.a. Elijah Bradley, was not included in that issue, but Prodigy did have a thing for Kid Loki. Marvel could easily have Patriot take up that storyline in the MCU instead.


Are they sure that’s not 2006? Because the Young Avengers series originally launched about 15 years ago, and, as this whole report makes clear, was an early example of the social justice propaganda Marvel’s been pushing ever since. Well, they’ve certainly stepped up their efforts to portray themselves as dedicated more to propaganda than to merit-based storytelling.


Interestingly enough though, since we’re on the subject, this other Cheat Sheet report says SJW-based Captain Marvel is missing from Avengers Team Challenge, where you build your own group:


While it’s common to disagree with rankings, another point stuck out to some: Where was Captain Marvel? Though Carol Danvers is one of the most recent additions to the Avengers team, she is still an Avenger (and, in fact, the one who inspired the Avenger Initiative in the first place).

So why was she left off? Grauso has a feeling it’s because of the particular members of the MCU fan base who dislike the character (or, more accurately, the actor who portrays her, Brie Larson). “I question why Carol was left off,” reporter Debbie Schechter tweeted. “I wouldn’t want my mentions to get flooded with angry neckbeards if I were them, either,” replied Grauso.


I’m sure the answer is relatively simple. Larson was so disliked as a personality, they must’ve felt her dreadful performance in the film last year would cast a pall over the game and character, so they left her out. Apart from this being a film franchise in focus, I do think it’s a shame the character of Carol Danvers has become so tainted by all this mishandling, and now, we see the results of their poor approach to the material, which should’ve begun with Mar-Vell of the Kree and then continued to Carol, but they had to go with the forced replacement rendition of the latter instead.

I don’t think the Marvel movieverse is holding up well, now that they’ve decided to turn to social justice pandering, and it’ll remain to be seen if anybody still cares within another year or so.




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