Rants: What The F*$&@ is With the Old YouTubers?


Seriously, I’ve been there since the beginning when so many YouTubers like ProJared started their channels and started growing and watched them either turn extremely political, reveal themselves to be assholes, or become such egotists, that I can’t help but ask that question!

Personally, I feel the bad apples fall into one of three baskets (excluding to those who have always been assholes).

1) Those who have made YouTube their livelihood and will do anything to avoid going back to a “normal life”.

2) Those who have developed such huge egos that it leads to them feeling their views are absolutely right and unassailable.

3) Those who do it all for the rage/controversy clicks and will do whatever it takes to milk things (kinda goes with the first one, but this is the more extreme types).

Come see what else I have to say about this shit show

Robert Willing

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