Rants from the Multiverse: This Ain’t Fun No More Guys!

Guys…I’m getting tired. Tired of arguing with people, tired of trying to be the person applying common sense to what’s been going on lately, tired of being treated like I’m just a naive fanboy who can’t see reality in front of me, when I actually have better grasp on what’s happening than most people give me credit for.


I’ve been in and out of various comics communities over the decades. I used to be on Comic Forums, till that stopped being fun. Then I hung out among the comic podcast community, that is until the 2016 election happened and that became a no-go zone too. And now, within the Twitter Comics Community, I felt like I had found a great place to hangout and talk comics with people. It certainly started out that way. But over time, and especially recently, it’s no longer very fun anymore, for ME anyway. And when you add in all the stuff that I’ve ranted about over the past few years in this community, I’ve just grown tired.


I’m tired of arguing, and I’m tired of being hopeful that I can talk comics stuff again. I’m just tired.


It feels like no one wants to talk comics anymore. Even when they’re promoting their stuff, it’s simply generic promotion. No one wants to really discuss their products! Now with these recent shake ups at DC Comics, it’s become even more infuriating! I keep seeing people do mental gymnastics to keep being outraged! For the most part they’ll criticize and ignore anything Bleeding Cool says, UNLESS it says something that they like to hear! Same thing happens to Bleeding Fool too. 


One DC Comics pro says things are awful at DC, then another pro at DC clarifies that things are fine – clearly one MUST be lying or they simply have no idea what they’re talking about! Everyone wants to act like they know how this industry works and everyone wants to act like they know more than those who do have more direct knowledge/information! And for what? To see the mainstream industry burn? What will that accomplish? Do they really think all the old fans will come flocking to their indie books? 


Before this rant gets any more depressing, check out my video rant below for yourself


Rants from the Multiverse: This Isn't Fun Anymore Guys!

Robert Willing

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