Rant from the Multiverse: The Zoe Who Cried Wolf

Well, Zoë Quinn is back in the news. This time with claims that she’s getting harassed again and is now on suicide watch after the fallout over her involvement in Alec Holowka’s suicide.


I have to admit, that even if what she says is true, which I doubt, based on her past shenanigans I find it VERY hard to believe and even less likely to give a shit about her.


In my opinion, this one time DC Comics writer and Kickstarter scammer is one of the most terrible people in the realm of geek culture! And her ‘stans’ are some of the worst out there. Plus she approves of what they do. Just another fake geek girl with little to no talent who seems to thrive on attention!


It’s stans that harassed and chased our girl Tristen Just of Nerdette’s Newstand, causing her to leave Twitter! And all because she dared to speak out against their ‘yas queen’.


If that’s not enough, hear my full rant below!



Rants from the Multiverse: The Zoe Who Cried Wolf

Robert Willing

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