Rant from the Multiverse: Is this a Community Built on Sand?

It’s my opinion that these past few months have been nothing but hell for this entire Comicsgate and affiliated community members! No side in these dust-ups is blameless. I wanted to take a break from the comics reviews for a moment and address this issue, and why I feel this way. I’ve begun to believe that the community was actually built entirely on sand and glass houses!


Both Pro-CG and Anti-CG sides seem to have made choices and taken actions that only now are beginning to bear poison fruit. One side has nearly damaged its reputation to the point where people will even believe lies, and the other side are going in so hard just to gain internet victories that they don’t care who they have to steamroll over to do it! It’s really sad.


Talks from the Multiverse: A Community Built on Sand

Robert Willing

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