Race-Swapped Version of Wonder Woman Serving as Grounds for TV Show

CNN’s reporting the Latina Wonder Woman seen in the upcoming Future State is meant to serve for crafting another TV show with Greg Berlanti oversight:


The DC Comics universe is about to get even more diverse with a new Latinx character taking on the role of “Wonder Woman.” Get ready to see the new hero on the small screen, too.

DC Comics unveiled Yara Flor as the next iteration of Wonder Woman in a series of upcoming comic books scheduled to kick off in January 2021.

“The DC Universe has always been fertile ground for new and refreshing takes on our characters,” DC Executive Editor Marie Javins said in a statement.


Translation: it’s not a place where to introduce new characters and roles, but rather, a laboratory for race and gender swapping. By the way, do they know “Latinx” is actually a rather insulting “alternative” for Latino/Hispanic? Neither CNN nor DC seem to be thinking clearly. For sources trying to be “inclusive”, they only end up alienating all the more.


Now here’s the eyebrow raising news about where this is leading in extended media ventures:


CW is developing a live-action series that will focus on Flor when she was younger, called “Wonder Girl” based on the DC characters created by Joëlle Jones. Dailyn Rodriguez is on board as an executive producer, working with Berlanti Productions. […]

The proposed one-hour drama features a take on the longtime character that will be new to most Wonder Woman fans. If it gets the final green light, it would make Wonder Girl the first-ever Latinx superhero to headline a DC Comics television show, joining The Flash, Batwoman, and the upcoming Superman & Lois on the CW network.


Anything with Berlanti’s production outfit attached should be avoided. All he’s done is soil the DC creations with his relentless agenda pushing, and this is no different. All that aside, crossovers like what this one draws from are one of the reasons the DCU is eventually going to go out of business.



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Avi Green

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