Publishers’ Pulse: Inzane Comics

If you like a little East-West fusion in your comic book art,

InZane Comics is producing a 4 part series that’s nearly complete.

A volume essentially, The Elemental Balance gives readers a chance to follow a group of strangely gifted individuals trying to find meaning after catastrophe.

We’ll follow their struggle to find a place in the world after hardship brings them together by chance and circumstance.

The intention with this ambitious indie labor of love is to then launch into further explorations of our characters with tales to come.

The introduction to each one of our unlikely protagonists takes place over the course of the 4 books.

This gives the opportunity for a very relaxed pace and space to explore each as an aspect individually.

This is very artfully conceived and expressed.

Luke Horsman has a very personalized style that pays very careful attention to detail

but remains very fluid. 

I am an old Sakai fan and so Lukes’ thoughtfulness of style is something I really appreciate.

He brings the same dynamism to his work here in The Elemental Balance.

The difference being is that here,

Luke has a much much larger palette to play with.

Partnering up with him is Matias Laborde.

Matias lifts Lukes‘ details up to colorful life for us in some pretty amazing spreads.

The mudslide nightmare here is a pretty imposing work and one of my favorites.

InZane Comics also have a successful Kickstarter under their belt,

the details of which can be found here:

Other folks checking out this work have also had good things to say about the series – 

Trever from “Frags and Beer” says of the first chapter of  “The Elemental Balance” :

“I enjoyed every panel of this book…wonderful backgrounds…pencils are up there with the best that I’ve seen from any company…definitely worth checking out.” 

And CJPendragon offered: 

“…a weirdly awesome mash-up of science, superpowers, and humanity… just enough suspense to have a thrill for your experience.”






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