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Readership in decline is an issue that can be addressed in many different ways. 

How can we encourage and draw childrens’ attention away from electronic technology and re-introduce them to more mechanical technology is what the question really is and that’s tough.


Buttons and screens vs. Pencils and paper in other words

Humans like innovation.

We like fashion and our minds seem designed to effortlessly find patterns and trends.

Shiny new things catch our eye and we would find it odd that something that has come and gone from the mainstream sort of faded out; could possibly be a standard for some new mainstream.

Seems like a regression socially or culturally doesn’t it ? But I don’t think ’tis always the case.

I remember reading somewhere that I cannot find again sadly, so I’ll paraphrase a bit here :

“…the whole Alternaween thing is a noble but ultimately sad attempt to reach back, by a generation lonesome for their own childhoods.”


Oh really?

Sad isn’t how I would describe Alternaween at all…

I remember thinking at that time a couple of months ago – 

Peter better pull this off so this asshole will have to eat his words

 But I had faith.

The IGG campaign was a complete success. You can check out those details here:


Indeed, all I see from last nights first Alternaween are pictures of kids with comic books in their hands…

Hospitals for sick kids have some new things to help lift spirits up

or at least to enable an escape, even if it’s just for a few moments…

A whole community came together everywhere

and made something positive happen.

It wasn’t an event

– it was an experience –


A company was knocked down, rose up like a Phoenix…

And took center stage at one of the most celebrated annual holidays for kids.

Just reached out and took it…

I’m not naive enough to think that there aren’t kids around that love comics, but last night…

– for the first time in a very long time –

Kids everywhere & some for the first time 

were reading comic books…

 – Spontaneously Reading –

There were a lot of “Oh and what’s this?”  last night when candy bags were emptied out on the tables.

Parents were reading too. 

Alterna Comics did that

A few months ago, during a mild week in late summer, rumblings and trouble started at Alterna Comics when some industry talking heads, gatekeepers and shills began a thrash and trash job on the small publisher.

I was in the middle of a spread about Peter Simeti really putting it to the mat with newsprint, when the whole affair completely blew up. 

My article obviously took on a much different approach as things unfolded and evolved and the situation ‘put me mad…


I had some words for Peter at the end of that piece that I will include here again.

But before that, I want to give a very big thank you from everyone, everywhere to Peter Simeti and his wife for the momentous work, struggle and effort that they have put out over the last three months to make Alternaween and indie publishing such a moving and meaningful experience around the world – for everyone.

And I will say directly to you again Peter: 

Thousands and thousands of us out here are behind you. 

You are a legend to many of us already.

With an attitude and the personal ethics you show to everyone you meet,

you’ll soon be legendary to everyone, everywhere 

– as it should be –

We can only hope that as we move forward

 the Annual Alternaween continues to grow in spirit and momentum

in better position to reach out to even more new and old readers everywhere.

Maybe an ALTERNAWEEN Live old-school Telethon…to raise donations for sick kids hospitals ?

Who knows? 

Well done #teamcomics !!!

(Yes. I backed ALTERNAWEEN)



ALTERNA LOGO – Many thanks as always to the amazing Dave Swartz.

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