PSYCH-ART-OLOGY: Making Original Art From an All Digital Page

Even more-er words of caution of caution by George Peter Gatsis ( youtube twitter ) for Bleeding Fool.


I’m under the assumption that as a BLEEDING FOOL reader, you know everything there is to know about the fine art of making holographic murals and how it interacts with a kitchen’s spice rack.


The seasoning continues to flow, and we are left with fine art admire-ers struggling to find the elusive original art pages of books they like.


HA! There is a market to selling original art. No serious, HA! As in Heritage Auctions. Check it out. Search and marvel at the original art that is up for sale and has SOLD at auction. It is glorious!


BUT, what if you are a Digital Artist? What if your comic book was produced ONLY on a computer, or a tablet? What if, Captain Marvel starred anyone else? So many whats! What to do?



Well fear not, there is a solution for you digital demons. Take one of the digital pages out of your comic book, convert it to GREY SCALE and print it out making it fit on an 11 x 17 page. Take the page and tape it face down on the back of an 11 x 17 art board. Now go to your nearest light table and do a light tracing of your art onto the board. If you don’t have a light table, I am assuming you have a window of some kind in the jail cell you are. So gently use your window as a light table. PLEASE NOTE: This will only work in the day time, between the hours of THE SUN IN THE SKY.


Ok, ok. Now once you are done the light tracing, work in the details. THEN when you are ready to ink, DON’T DO IT!



Stop and practice on OTHER art. Get familiar with drawing using ink, Because UNLIKE the computer, when you make a mistake on paper, it’s really hard to correct the mistake. NOT IMPOSSIBLE mind you, just hard.


But, if you DO make a mistake, remember the TIME MACHINE that was on sale on EBAY. Well all you need to do is scrounge up enuff money to get one to go back in time and STOP yourself from making the error. BUT, remember changing history, will mean that you won’t make the mistake, which means you WON’T have need to get the time machine to go back in time to stop yourself from making a mistake, thereby causing a headache for the universe, which we all know, last thing you need is the universe angry with you. Take it from me, it’s not easy hiding out on Earth, when there is ABRAXAS the Intergalactic Police Office on your trail.


So, I will assume you practiced your mallet tossing skills and inking too, and are ready to ink your original art page. Ok then. DO IT Master Jedi! DO IT!!!


When you’re finished, what you have is an original art page off of your original digital page that you created digitally and now on paper.


Now you have something MORE to sell to you audience.


Go forth young Artist and don’t sell yourself short.


BUT WAIT, what in the wide wide world of sports is going on here?


  • Is it morally right to do this?
  • Is this still considered original art?
  • Is this cheating?
  • Is George going to get out of the shark infested trap before the ink dries?


Best of both worlds all with a little reverse PSYCH-ART-OLOGY.


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