Proof: Disney Star Wars Fans More Into Politics Than Space Fantasy

Readers of my blog may recall Jonathan McIntosh.  He’s the guy that Matt Miller from Esquire fawned over an entirely incorrect interpretation of Luke and Vader’s final face off. Well, it turns out this same Jonathan McIntosh is now researching a video about ‘politics’ in Star Wars.



I wonder if he’ll take Chi Huavara’s advice.

And the folks who think I’m looking too deeply into Rose Tico’s deeply moronic social justice lectures, might get a kick out of the following response to Jonathan.



So this really just serves as more evidence that the fans of the Sequel Trilogy aren’t concerned with Star Wars, as much as they’re concerned with getting fed propaganda that they already agree with.  It’s a kind of self-affirmation.


The movie could have been a single shot of a flaming turd for 3 straight hours.  But if someone says something about social justice idiocy in it, then SJWs will laud it as the greatest thing ever.


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