Polygon Disappointed in Kingdom Hearts’ Women (w/Zorial Diamond)

I have to admit that I have never played any of the Disney Kingdom Hearts games (and never even owned a Playstation), but I am aware of a lot of the lore. For the uninitiated, this action role-playing videogame is a crossover of various Disney properties based in a fictional universe and is a collaboration between Disney Interactive and Square Enix.  Well, as I said, I’ve never played, but my friend Ingrid HAS played these games and she adores the lore!


Imagine our surprise when we found out that Polygon had written an article earlier this month that twists and spins the facts to fit a narrative. Knowing the source, I suppose we shouldn’t have been too surprised. The article in question claims the women characters weren’t treated very well in Kingdom Hearts 3.



Here’s what it says:


Disney, which provides the backdrop for much of Kingdom Hearts’ story, has definitely stumbled with its own inclusivity efforts. Even so, there’s an undeniable attempt to rectify these faults in recent Disney Princess films. One of the new worlds in Kingdom Hearts 3 is Frozen, a story that centers around the sisterhood of two women over their romantic prospects. The women of Kingdom Hearts, meanwhile, barely interact with each other — and even the best-written ones don’t lead their own arcs. Kingdom Hearts has used Disney worlds as backdrops for 17 years, but the series hasn’t managed to progress nearly as much as its source material.


Well, Ingrid is here to set the record straight… and I occasionally chime in from time to time, but today it’s her show! Let the woman speak and listen up people!


Rant's From The Multiverse: Polygon wants more from KH Women (Special Guest: Zorial Diamond)

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