Political Tweets: Marvel & DC Artist Jen Bartel Can’t Help Herself

I found some political tweets by the artist Jen Bartel, who’s pushing leftist victimology in regards to Georgia’s elections for Congress, and found some quite interesting stuff coming from her:




I notice that in the previous tweet, she seems ungrateful that Tim Scott represented South Carolina because he’s a Republican, and in the next one, she promotes Raphael Warnock, who preached anti-Israel sentiment. My my. This silly ol’ Bartel sure is quite an ignoramus, and that’s why her support for Jon Ossof falls flat. Mainly because he supports the far-left J-Street along with 2-state solutions for Israel, just like Warnock does. Which makes Bartel little more than an leftist activist, not a good strategy for somebody in showbiz.


And I see she’s also made up her mind that pro-Trump supporters are the only problem, and not the hoodlums on the left assaulting them, namely the Antifa and BLM rioters, and the victims included elderly people. Some police officials apparently collaborated with the rioters as well. Bartel obviously doesn’t recognize that thousands of people attending such a rally makes clear whom the public supports for POTUS. Guess she must really appreciate what Trump called Fake News. Here’s one more item she posted:




h, so she also supports a socialist like Sanders, does she? Even Reason magazine pointed out what’s really bad about his view of the ideology. If Bartel sees nothing wrong with a man who’s praised the worst of socialist regimes, that’s dreadful.


I’ve taken a look at some of her artwork, mainly from Blackbird at Image, which is pretty good, so naturally, it’s a shame she’s undermining everyone’s ability to appreciate her resume by embracing these extreme ideologues on the left. It gives contributors to the industry, as you could expect, a very bad name when she backs the baddies in politics.


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