Plattsburgh Man Builds Himself a Sizable Collection of Quality Comics


The Plattsburgh Press-Republican interviewed a guy in New York who’s got quite a comics collection accompanied by memorabilia, and I’m decidedly pleased by what he says was his first personal purchase:



“Pip’s Room,” a man den filled with 15,000 comics and associated memorabilia, was 40 years in the making. As a boy, Scott Rivers picked up the occasional comic book with his parents at a drugstore.


Here’s the part that got my attention:


Scott was fortunate to be able to snag firsthand pick of whatever comics came in.

“Spider-Man was the first one I bought for myself,” he said.

“That was the Amazing Spider-Man #120. It was a battle between Spider-Man and the Hulk.”

Marvel Comics published it May 1, 1973.

“In that title, they had an appearance of the Incredible Hulk in it. They started out in a little bit of a fight, but of course later on, they are on the same side. They are not enemies.”



I think that story took place in Quebec, Canada, and came shortly before Gwen Stacy’s curtain call. And, as I’d said in an earlier post about a store manager who’s a Spider-fan, I’m glad when something that isn’t Batman is cited as a favorite, though again, I’ll still be much happier if and when somebody comes along who can cite Superman as a great pastime to boot. For now, I am pleased that Spidey gets some attention, since Peter Parker’s world doesn’t emphasize what Bruce Wayne’s does to the max, and, Spidey’s world often employed much more sci-fi elements than Batman’s does.


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Avi Green

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